Coffins,Caskets and keepsakes

Coffins,Caskets and keepsakes


Rookwood Elm

Chiltern Oak

Chiltern Sapele

Pencil Line

Tudor Rose

Painted Finish Blue

Painted Finish White

Brinkley Oak



Italian Repatriation

Bamboo Latice

Bamboo Eco

English Willow

English Willow Colours



willow highsted painted

Pine Casket




Light Woodgrain Cardboard Traditional Coffin


Aston Oak

Longdon Oak, Solid

Aston Utile

Golden Leaf Oak

Michelangelo Poplar

El Dorado

Heavenly White


star quartz


Ashes Into Glass

The Memorial Paperweight £195

Charm bead £195

Ashes Into Glass charmbead £195

Charm bead £195

Ashes Into Glass

Blue Wings

Scatter-Tubes £25

Pink Wings

Ashes Necklace with finger print £140

Indent Teardrop With Fingerprint £140

Fingerprint Locket £140

Ashes Casket Abbey £75

Ashes Casket Queenborough £75

Ashes Casket Harty £75

Mirror Fingerprint Keepsake £25

Keepsake Brochure

Fingerprint Cufflinks £110

Farnham Flowers

Gloucester Pewter

Althorpe Red

What our customers say

  • "Luke helped us at my partners nans funeral. He is wise beyond his years and was so professional and caring. I have no doubt his new venture will be every bit as successful and professional"  
    Pasha Hughes
  • "Caring and professional. Luke always provides the best service"
    Jeannette Ann Spooner
  • "One thing for sure, you and your family and friends will get a 5 star service from Luke and his team."
    James Rodgers
  • "When it came to organising my pre-paid funeral, there was only one choice."
    Peter Gilson
  • Luke has such empathy for his clients , I can’t even begin to explain how personal to me the service was  First class in all aspects , thank you to Luke and his staff

      Claire Neal
  • "Thank you Luke for the service you did today for my cousin. A wonderful job as always xx"
    Jo-Ann Cross